Day 29: The penultimate blog

Day 29: Sunshine, tables and fish!

Now then, I don’t like to say I was wrong, but I’m going to, and maybe with a hint of backhandedness, and a splattering of sarcasm! Way back in March (it was snowing and stuff) I thought it would be a great idea to blog about buying local in Warwick, just because a few folk on Twitter said they would too. Not to do things by halves, I went all out and have blogged every day and only spent my money in Warwick all month. Pinky told me not to do it, I said it would be fine, and I was wrong, sort of, maybe, I’ve kinda liked doing it, but yes… This has been hard!

But hey, it’s also been great fun.

So today was the last chance to buy local before the inevitable round-up and look back in tomorrow’s post. It’s been an eventful day in Warwick, and I met a fellow Warwick promoter on High Street… eventually anyway! “Everyone stops you to say hello, it takes me at least 45 minutes to walk through town.” Yes Mandy, I totally get that!

It was another gorgeous and sunny start to the week and I was happy not to be starting it at 5.30am as previously planned. Instead I had a more leisurely start to the morning, and I found myself ‘salvaging’ local at the old Court House, or Pageant House as it’s also known. The building, which also houses the tourist information office, is having a massive renovation at the moment and when I got wind of a large oak table being threatened with an axe or a saw, I informed a carpenter that we needed to re-home it. Blocking the street and inspecting the new works around the site were paramount to this operation of course, and a good nose around was also had! It’s looking amazing, and the lottery funding is going to help it be restored to host many future events and functions. The oak table is now safe and sound, far from the axe of doom! It seemed such a shame that a table that has had many Mayors and local councillors sit around it should finish up in the skip. Mission accomplished, table saved and now housed in an art studio in neighbouring Leamington.

Then it was off to the Bakehouse for a pasty and a coffee. Lamb and Rosemary was today’s choice and my carpenter friend Rob felt obliged to avoid Greggs and shop indie with me, remarking that it might make front page news if I was seen in Greggs, or even walking with someone who had been into one! Trust me, it’s not that bad yet. We enjoyed top nosh as ever from Sarah and Neil’s Swan Street bakery, and the service was superb as ever. I saw at least three people I knew on the way back to the loading bay and chuckled to myself that it really does take longer to walk around the town now.


iPhone 5Today I failed and Warwick failed (ish). I left my iPhone charger at home and was running low on battery mid-afternoon. This really is something you can’t buy in Warwick, although I did think later that maybe the Tesco on Emscote Road may sell such a thing? Anyone? Being the advanced tech user that I am, I have an iPhone 5 with a different charging dock, so some chains don’t yet stock the required cable. This wasn’t a true fail or test, merely an observation. I will check this out tomorrow as a point of interest though.

Dinner was a sneaky trip to Sainsbury’s fish counter. Salmon in an oven bag was delicious and the very quiet supermarket was the perfect remedy to the empty fridge and stomach. I did pop my head into the Film and Food festival launch at the Rose and Crown on the way home. It was great to see lots of familiar faces and it was also lovely to finally meet fellow blogger @WarwickWitter. (We must have a beer sometime Lucas!)

Another cracking day, not so much buying, but involving local. There’s so much going on in Warwick at the moment, it’s really coming alive!

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